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To apply, please send your CV and cover letter by email or post to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Carpenters Mews, North Road, Islington, London, N7 9EF

Deadline: 17:00, Friday 1st December 2017

Interviews: Week beginning 11th December 2017 (subject to confirmation)


With this exciting new position, the Pleasance Theatre Trust aims to recruit a
highly motivated and experienced theatre producer who will take a leading role
in the development of programming strategy at the organisation¡¦s London and
Edinburgh venues. N.B. This does not include the Comedy Programme that is
managed by the Head of Comedy.

Working closely with the Director and as part of a small core management team,
the Head of Theatre will be responsible for creating a world-class theatre
programme that is both artistically and financially viable.
With a proven track record in a managerial position, the Head of Theatre will
have a thorough working knowledge of producing work, booking tours and
festivals, creating marketing strategies, writing budgets and will have an
established network of contacts within the industry both nationally and

The Head of Theatre will curate and manage a diverse programme of work,
suited to performance spaces ranging from 49 to 1400 seats in size, comprising
of companies at all levels of their careers. From emerging artists to established
internationally renowned theatre companies.
Whilst predominantly a receiving house venue, the Pleasance produces or coproduces
a number of projects on an annual basis, primarily through its artist
development arm Pleasance Futures. The Head of Theatre will help support and
develop these projects, utilising their expertise and prior experience.
Through an entrepreneurial approach, the Head of Theatre will recognise the
artistic and financial opportunities presented by new works or projects, and
identify the long term development potential within these.
Working in a very busy environment and as a manager within a three person
department ¡V the Head of Theatre should be able to clearly communicate tasks
and maintain an acute eye for detail at all times. They are at once strategic and
responsive, and will balance these often-competing demands on a very regular

Above all, the Head of Theatre will undertake their role with unrelenting energy,
passion and most importantly a good humour ¡V inspiring audiences and those
around them as a result.

Key Responsibilities:


  • With the Director, develop a first class, financially sustainable Theatre
    Programme for the Pleasance, not limited to the regular programmes at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Pleasance Islington.
  • Manage the theatre programming department, which includes the roles of Associate Producer and Programme Administrator.
  • Develop and maintain a network of potential programme partnerships between other midscale theatres, festivals and touring markets.
  • Manage the booking of the Pleasance Islington and Pleasance Edinburgh Theatre Programmes, in conjunction with the Director and Head of Comedy.
  • Create and manage a working schedule for the three London theatre spaces and all Edinburgh Festival Fringe performances spaces, in conjunction with the Director, Head of Comedy and Technical Managers as appropriate.
  • Create and manage a programming schedule, ensuring seasons are programmed in a timely fashion in order to maximise marketing opportunities and box office sales.
  • Manage and respond to solicited and unsolicited enquiries about Pleasance¡¦s Theatre Programme and who forms part of it
  • Actively view work and attend performances of productions in consideration for the Theatre Programme.
  • Work with the General Manager and the Head of Marketing to develop the Commercial, TV and Radio usage of Pleasance venues.
  • Organise, budget and manage showcase evenings, readings and tours that will promote and support the Theatre Programme.
  • Assist in the development of Pleasance produced productions and those supported by Pleasance Futures, including but not limited to providing financial, administrative, production and logistical advice.
  • Develop touring opportunities for Pleasance productions.
  • Report to the Director on all matters relating to the Theatre Programme.
  • Report to the Board of Trustees as required.
  • Finance & Administration
  • Develop an overall financial strategy for the Theatre Programme.
  • Create, in consultation with the General Manager and Head Finance, annual, seasonal and project-based budgets and income projections for the Theatre Programme.
  • Manage the departmental budget as appropriate.
  • Develop production finance opportunities. Advise and manage funding applications for the Theatre Programme and associated initiatives alongside the Director and Associate Producer.
  • Review and maintain contractual documentation.
  • Negotiate contracts, budgets and financial deals for productions in the Theatre Programme, in conjunction with the General Manager and Director, and Heads of Departments where appropriate.
  • Keep the General Manager, Technical Managers and Heads of Departments up to date with contractual agreements.
  • Work closely with other members of the programming department to ensure contracts and agreements are consistent and appropriate.
  • Oversee contract negotiations for Pleasance productions and Pleasance Futures supported productions as required.
  • Keep in close consultation with the Technical Managers about scheduling, technical requirements, production meetings and recces for all visiting theatre companies or commercial hires.


  • In conjunction with the Marketing Manager, develop and oversee key marketing strategies for the Theatre Programme and individual production marketing strategies.
  • Assist the Marketing Manager in the development of strategic relationships, deals and budgets that will develop the overall programme marketing strategy.
  • In conjunction with the Marketing Manager and Head of Comedy, oversee the proofing and delivery of all Pleasance brochures and relevant marketing materials, including: season brochures for Pleasance Islington, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe brochure, Joint Venue brochure and Visiting Company Application & Information packs.
  • Ensure the Marketing Manager is fully informed with Theatre Programming activities in line with brochure deadlines, listings and
    other marketing deadlines.
  • Market all services Pleasance can offer to incoming companies.
  • Represent the Pleasance at relevant national or international conferences and showcase events as required.


Reporting To:
The Director of Pleasance Theatre Trust Ltd

Working With:
The Director, Head of Comedy, General Manager, Marketing Manager and Technical Department.

Line Manager to:
Associate Producer and Programme Administrator.

As a registered charity, the Pleasance Theatre Trust aims to create a
compelling platform to discover, nurture and support fresh artistic talent from
across the globe.
Since opening in Edinburgh in 1985, the Pleasance has become renowned for
delivering an inspiring programme year on year that uniquely embodies the spirit
of the Festival Fringe.
A year-round base in London with 3 theatre spaces and a number of rehearsal
rooms enables us to continually support the best new theatre & comedy.
Pleasance is a hub of creativity where artists at the pinnacle of their careers
share the stage with those just starting out.
Join us.

Salary: £35,000 per annum
Hours: 40 per week, 10:00 ¡V 18:00 Monday to Friday, plus additional
hours as required to fulfil your duties
Location: London and travelling to Edinburgh during the festival season
Holidays: 20 plus public holidays
Probation: 3 months
Starting: January 2018
The Pleasance Theatre Trust is an equal opportunities employer and
welcomes applications from all sections of the community.

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