Arts Development UK to close

Shock decision as arts membership organisation winds up

Arts Development UK is to close down in March, ending 35 years of representing local authority arts officers.

The bombshell news that AD:UK, formerly the National Association of Local Government Arts Officers came in a letter to members from the organisation’s chair, Jane Wilson.

Although AD:UK had been experiencing financial difficulties for some time due to declining membership and revenues, as more councils cut their arts development staff, careful management meant they had up to now, been able to continue to operate.

But, she added, Arts Development UK “has reached the point where it could not provide that effective support and remain sustainable on its current income level. This has been despite all of our best efforts to increase membership, including from the H.E. sector and bidding for grants”.

A resolution to close Arts Development will be put to members at the AGM on 22nd March 2018, taking place at Toynbee Studios in London.

Wilson added that trustees have opened up talks with other arts membership bodies like the Chief Culture and Leisure Officers Association (CCLOA) and the Artsworks Alliance to identify new ways to provide these from April 2018 onwards.


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