Tax deal takes early Freuds back to Lakes

Two really portraits by Lucian Freud have been left to the nation in lieu of tax and allocated to the Abbott Hall Gallery in Kendal.

Painted in 1952-54, they are of the wife and daughter of the radiobiologist Sir Oliver Scott, Phoebe and Hermione, a Lake District family that supported the gallery. Scott’s research led to a breakthrough in cancer treatment. They represent Freud’s development in the early years of his career, and despite his prolific output there are relative few in public collections.

It is not the first time Abbott Hall has benefitted from Lucian Freud. In 2016 three works, two by Frank Auerbach and one by Michael Andrews from Freud’s own estate were allocated there through the acceptance-in-lieu scheme.

The allocation was in lieu of £1,260,000 in tax in the estate of Lady Scott who died in 2016.

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