New 'Netflix for the arts' to launch

A company has announced plans to to set up a vesrion of Netflix for the arts.

The streaming platform, for arts and culture, Marquee.TV, will allow subscribers in the UK, US and Canada to stream a catalogue of dance, opera, music, theatre and documentary content to their televisions at home.

The service will be available on iOS and Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Smart TVs for £8.99 per month. On-demand content will come from productions of contemporary and classic works, including those that are still currently showing and touring.

Marquee.TV will supply content from companies like Opus Arte, who already stream productions from the Royal Opera House and Glyndebourne to cinemas.

Marquee.TV co-founder and CEO Simon Walker said: ‘The Marquee.TV philosophy is all about giving audiences the chance to take risks with what they watch and explore something they might not otherwise see, when time, finances, and opportunity are scarce. Yes, our content includes the classics and some of the world’s most critically acclaimed performances, but we’re also driving our audiences to the new.

Marquee will be a home for the freshest, most innovative, most adventurous performances around. Marquee.TV makes it possible for the ‘culturally curious’ to sample and experience the performances they’re reading about from around the world, whenever and wherever they want.’

The service is planned to start in 2019.


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