2001 returns – big time

The Science Museum is to mark the 50th anniversary of the Stanley Kubrick masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey with a series if Imax screenings of the epic.

It will be the first time that the 70mm Imax print has been seen in Britain, and screenings are being held at the South Kensington museum from Thursday, November 1, to November 24. https://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/2001

Directed by Kubrick to a screenplay co-written by him with the science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke the film, first released in April 1968 in a 70mm Cinerama foramt, starring Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood, was regarded as one the 20th century's landmark movies.

In keeping with the original 1968 release all Imax screenings will feature a brief interval, and the audience is being encouraged to come in 1960s dress.


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