£20.5m concert venue for Liverpool

The University of Liverpool is to build a new 400-seat concert hall, for students and public.

Work on the university’s £20.5m Arts and Humanities Centre begins this spring, offering publicly available performances across genres, with capacity for a 70-piece orchestra.

The venue will also include three lecture theatres, catering for more than 1,000 students across, seminar facilities, informal study spaces, a new cafeteria and outdoor seating,

Professor Catherine Tackley is Head of the University’s Department of Music: “The Arts and Humanities Centre will improve every aspect of our Department.

“It’s important that we continue to facilitate and resource opportunities for our students to perform – whether they are studying music or not – in orchestras alongside their colleagues, and that means giving them somewhere perfectly suited to that” said head of music Professor Catherine Tackley.

“But it goes beyond performance. Our weekly lunchtime concert series already enables students to experience every element of organising live performances, from artist liaison and administration, to programming and technical aspects. The Arts and Humanities Centre will take this experience to an entirely new level, with students managing multiple performances each week.”

The centre, on the south-east edge of the university campus, will also be a performance space sitting alongside concert venues such as the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.

It has been designed by former students now working with the Ellis Williams practice, the firm behind the Baltic in Gateshead and the Storyhouse in Chester.

“The intention is to complement Liverpool’s existing musical infrastructure, and with the Arts and the Humanities Centre that means filling a gap with a venue uniquely suited to the performance of a very diverse range of musical genres – from classical and contemporary compositional to jazz and folk, and everything in between” Professor Tackley added. “Liverpool deserves this.”


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