MA calls on ACE to back council museums

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The Museums Association (MA) has called on the government and Arts Council England to do more to protect local authority run museums.


The MA wants ACE to establish an “intervention fund” for museums under threat from closure, which would allocate resources to ensure that their collections are preserved and made available to the public. it also wants ACE or the Heritage Lottery Fund to create a fund which to support museums and community organisations in creating new business models for museums.  

Both recommendations come in the associations written response to an inquiry set up by the Culture, Media and Sport Committee on how to preserve and protect culture in the UK.

In its evidence to the inquiry,  the MA warned that the future of local government backed museums is at risk, with many facing “severe short-term and long-term challenges”.

The MA said local authorities see museums as expendable and some areas are at risk of becoming “cultural cold spots”.

“The select committee’s inquiry into cultural provision in the regions and nations is well-timed. Civic museums are in the midst of a crisis which is set to get worse as public funding is reduced further over the next four years,” said Alistair Brown, the MA’s policy officer.
“We need the select committee to hold the government to account, and to recommend a strategic approach to supporting museums which recognises the need for continued public funding as well as support for innovative new funding models.”

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