Dismay in arts at Brexit vote

Leading figures in the arts were today assessing the repercussions to last night’s Referendum result, voting to leave the EU.


John Kampfner, CEO od the Creative Industries Federation, said the CIF would play a positive role in in safeguarding the future of the arts. “As the UK creates a new identity and a new position on the world stage, our arts and creative industries - the fastest growing sector in the economy - will play an important role.

“It will be vital for all sides to work together to ensure that the interests of our sector on issues including access to funding and talent are safeguarded as the UK forges its new relationship with Europe. The importance of British culture in representing our country to the world will be greater than ever”. A survey of its members by the CIF shoed 96% in favour of staying within the EU.

The actor Sam West (pictured), speaking as chairman of the National Campaign for the Arts, warned against inherent dangers for the arts and audiences as new regulations will have to be made. “We are now very concerned about our ability to access important European funding, such as the €1.3bn exchange, export of cultural products, copyright, visas and access to training in European centres of excellence, to name just some Creative Europe programme” he said. “But the implications for the arts don’t end with money. There are a host of other issues that we must address over the coming months: international artistic”.

Stephen Deuchar, director of the Art Fund, said he is “deeply concerned at the impact leaving the EU will have on culture in the UK, and particularly on its museums and galleries.  

“At one level there is obviously now great financial uncertainty—the effect on European funding streams for the arts, for example—but quite as important is the potential effect on the spirit that drives a myriad of international partnerships in the arts.”



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