Doig in US court row over painting

Scottish artist Peter Doig is embroiled in a bizarre court case over a painting claimed to be one of his works.


Former prison officer Robert Fletcher  claims Doig painted the picture when he was a teenager in a Canadian prison for drugs offences.

But Edinburgh born Doig, one of Scotland's most successful artists, denies that he painted the picture - a large landscape.  He says that though he once lived in Toronto, he was never near the prison, and adds that he did not begin to paint on canvas until late 1979.

The painting is signed 'Pete Doige 76', but the artist's lawyers claims this is likely the mark of Peter Edward Doige, who had served time at the same facility, and also painted - he died in 2012.

"This case is a scam, and I’m being forced to jump through hoops to prove my whereabouts over 40 years ago," he said.

Fletcher is suing the painter for at least $5m [£3.8m] in damages and is seeking a court declaration in the US that it is an authentic Doig.

He and a gallery in Chicago believe the painting contains many similarities to Mr Doig's other work, including landscape, water, logs sticking out of the lake, and white lichen on the trees.

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