Creative skills missing from industrial strategy

The new industrial strategy announced today by business secretary Greg Clark fails to acknowledge the importance of education and skills training in maintaining the growth of the fastest growing sector in the econ0my, the creative industries.

While the strategy white paper does make clear the importance of the sector to the economy’s future – alongside digital, technology and science – there is no commitment to supporting creative businesses or ensuring the country has the skills to compete on the open global market.

“More concrete action is needed around education and skills development and to mitigate the impact of Brexit, which could result in the haemorrhaging of talent that is vital to the wider economy” said John Kampfner, CEO of the Creative Industries Federation.
“There are a number of positive measures, such as funding for place-based cultural development and growing audiences, but the strategy needs to be much more ambitious and far-sighted” he said, adding: “Overlooking the urgency of this risks becoming an Achilles Heel for government and the failure of its industrial strategy.” 

The white paper follows a disappointing Budget for the arts and creative industries, though the Federations says the final version carries better understandings of the  sector than earlier drafts.



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