Opera survey shows barriers to overcome

Classic FM study shows 40% deterred by opera’s image

Four in ten people say that they are deterred form attending the opera by high ticket prices and long running times.

According to a survey carried out by Classic FM, complicated plots also put people off the music genre.

More than 2,000 people took part in the survey. When asked what would persuade respondents to see a performance, more than half (53%) said cheaper ticket prices, while 25% would consider attending if the opera was translated into English. Results also showed that performances in mainstream venues, wearing casual clothing and an app to follow the plot could result in more people going.

One in ten of those who had attended an opera performance in the past claimed that they “felt nervous, self conscious and like they didn’t fit in”.

Classic FM’s managing editor, Sam Jackson said:“Despite Classic FM’s success in democratising classical music since our inception 25 years ago, opera is still viewed as elitist and we want to dispel that myth. Our research shows that while people worry that opera might be dull and too intellectual for them, many would love to go” He added that the company had created a series of ‘opera shorts’ to a modern audience.

The series of three animated films, narrated by radio personality Johnny Vaughan, tell the stories of Carmen, La Boheme and The Barber of Seville in under a minute.


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