V&A warders loose chains and go cool

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If, as you go about your last minute Christmas shopping in the V&A’s various outlets around the South Ken site, you’ll be disappointed...

...if you’re expecting to see V&A staff still sporting their blue serge prison warder uniforms with massive looping key chains jingling at their hips that have become their badges of office. This is what they’ll be looking like from today. The new uniforms have been developed by the fashion designer Christopher Raeburn - “garments and accessories that can be mixed and matched” it says here – based on a print inspired items from the museum’s collections. They are an exciting development for our team and a reflection of the V&A’s contemporary style, as we look forward to another ambitious year of activity in South Kensington and around the country” says the V&A’s director Tristram Hunt.  But where are the key chains?

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