Khan warns 27k creative jobs could go with no Brexit deal

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The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, warned today that 27,000 creative industries jobs could go if there is a no-deal Brexit, 6,000 of them in London.

The lost revenue to London’s creative sector could amount to £1bn by 2030. And £3.,3 in the UK as a whole. The sector employs 1.9m.

The figures come from research commissioned by the mayor from Cambridge Econometrics.

Khan also warned that the capital could struggle to retain the core of a creative workforce in the capital. Nine per cent of employees in the arts, entertainment and recreation sectors (18,000 jobs) were born in Europe, and a hard Brexit could limit London’s to continue to attract talent from the continent. 

“The thing that gives London its creative edge are the people who power the industry - talented, dynamic individuals who have chosen to make London their home and contribute to the life and soul of the city”said Justine Simons, deputy mayor for culture and creative industries. “The Government must do everything it can to ensure the capital remains an attractive place for creatives to put down roots. This means ensuring the capital doesn’t lose talent to other European cities, and safeguarding our deep and longstanding trade relations with the EU. It is clear that a no-deal, hard Brexit, without a transitional deal will place all this under threat.”

John Kampfner, CEO of the Creative Industries Federation, welcomed the report. “But the issues at stake for London’s creative businesses range even wider. Half of London’s creative workers are employed as freelancers with many moving across the world for short-term projects like film shoots and touring performances. We must ensure our future relationship with the EU allows the very best talent to work both here and abroad. We must also make sure that rules on areas such as broadcasting and intellectual property allow us to build on the current levels of trade and investment we enjoy with the EU”.

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