'Arts need to open up to young' - Serota

The UK’s arts organisation need to open up more, especially to the young and the disadvantaged, according to an Arts Council report published today.

Speaking today in Nottingham at Arts Council England’s annual diversity event, chair Nicholas Serota said: “Our young, diverse population is a national asset - a multitude of perspectives, ideas, talent and creativity. But we have a problem. We are as a society depriving this young population of opportunity.

“I want the arts to be an inclusive world, a building open to all - not an exclusive club. Our mission to deliver on diversity is doubly vital.”

Unveiling ACE’s 2016-17 diversity report, Equality, Diversity and the Creative Case, Serota said it showed where ACE cold have direct influence. “We can change things” he said.

Progress, he said, has been made through investment in a number of programmes, but the report registers a high level of “unknown” responses to questions, and reliable data is vital to make progress.

“We are still at the beginning of this process, and are only now seeing the results of decisions that were made several years ago” Serota said. “The sector is moving forward. Those organisations that aren’t prepared to change will be left behind.”






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