Roundhouse recruits kids’ champion

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Sir Ken Robinson, the pioneer of creativity in education, is to join the Roundhouse arts centre as associate creative curator to boost its work with young people, it was announced today.

The first project of the five-year appointment will be a new three day festival, yet to be named, involving six to eight landmark projects with young people, commissioned new works of art, workshops, exhibitions and a symposium. The first will take place in February 2019.

“I have been campaigning all my working life to develop creativity in schools, but the system has avoided practical activity” he said. “There’s a feeling of feeling, of the benefits of joy. Despite the system many teachers are doing excellent work, and what we will be doing  will complement that rather than attempt to replace it.

“The arts in all their forms are a vital part of the health and vitality of our communities” he said. “The Roundhouse has an unparalleled history in the cultural life of the UK and internationally and has long demonstrated its deep commitment to facilitating the creative lives of young people.”

Marcus Davey, chief executive of the Roundhouse in north London, said that over the period of the association he hoped to increase the number of young people the venue works with from 4,500 to 10,000 a year. “By engaging more young people in creative opportunities, particularly those from diverse and under-represented background, the Roundhouse will use creativity to make a shift in the creative industries – but it will also lead the way for a change in our society.”

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