THE WORD Help Eastleigh's The Point to ‘move on’

The Point, the contemporary theatre and dance studio complex in Eastleigh, Hampshire, is being transformed but its artistic director, Sacha Lee, is looking for artistic help...

The Point, owned and managed by Eastleigh Borough Council, is undertaking an Arts Council funded small capital grant programme called Your Point throughout 2019.

As part of this refurbishment and transformation, one of the strands of work is to light up the building from the outside, making it more visible to visitors and audiences and placing it firmly as a vibrant cultural destination in Eastleigh town centre. 

This commission wishes to enable the design and implementation of a digital lighting treatment to outside of the venue, making it more visibly bold using artist-designed lighting and neon. This visual shout out needs to demonstrate to locals and businesses that we are dynamically engaged and attractive to sponsors and investors.

The Point is a beautiful Victorian building in a central location in the small town of Eastleigh (population 28,000 in a borough of130,000). It has been an arts centre since 1996 and has evolved and expanded to include a 312-seat auditorium, purpose-built dance studio, studio theatre and double-height creation space with accommodation.It attracts over 80,000 visitors a year, presents a mixed programme of small to mid-scale high quality touring work and community performances, and hosts over 30 residencies each year working with artists to make new performance in dance, theatre, circus and comedy. It sits at the heart of the community and delivers community classes and programmes that are accessible by all.

Moving to the future, the building now needs to reaffirm its identity and have clear and purposeful visibility in its local context.

We are looking for an artist to develop a creative design to ensure that The Point becomes more visible and modern, and to enable visitors to fully understand the role that The Point plays in the local area as well as nationally. 

The designs should encourage people to visit The Point, as audience, participant, user and general visitor. This will entail clear way marking which should lead people clearly round to the front entrance and over the threshold into the building as well as being a beacon in the town creating curiosity and interest and ultimately increase footfall.

We need to encourage local pride and buy-in resulting in increased ticket sales and café/bar revenue.

The designs should be easy to maintain and keep in place long term, and employ a sustainable design approach to lower energy usage with attention to implementation and long-term usability.

Artsists can use a variety of methods - neon and floodlighting to draw attention to the building, and projection where appropriate, to slough off old-fashioned notions and attract new and diverse visitors. The design should aim to increase visibility of the venue (including aerially) from multiple aspects, using a combination of architectural lighting and projection taking the professional programme strapline Moving You as a starting point.

The process should aim to involve artists in the design and creation and be responsive to the professional performance programme (dance/ physicality/ choreography).

For further information, the full brief and how to apply visit

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