Artists to rescue Turner's house

Sale of contemporary work to save artist's home.

Royal Academicians led by their president Christopher Le Brun have given works of art to auction on behalf of the appeal to save the house J M W Turner designed and built at Twickenham.

"Following Stage 2 Heritage Lottery Funding of £1.4 million in January this year, and other generous trust and private donations, the project still needs to raise £155,000 to close our funding gap - vital to our project" said Catherine Parry-Wingfield, Chairman, Turner's House Trust. "This is certainly an exciting contribution to our appeal fund, for which we are hugely appreciative."

Paintings and prints by artists including Diana Armfield, Basil Beattie, Frank Bowling, Rose Hilton, Ken Howard, Tom Phillips and Terry Setch will go on sale at Dreweatts, Donnington Priory near Newbury, on January 12.

The house, Sandycombe Lodge, was designed Turner for himself and his father and built in 1813. Turner lived their until 1826 when his father became to infirm and they had to move back to central London. It has barely changed. Listed Grade II it was placed on English Heritage's Buildings At Risk register

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