Assembly win Turner

Architecture group shake art world.

A 15-strong architectural collective has won the 2015 Turner Prize, with their regeneration scheme for Toxteth's derelict homes in Liverpool 8, a first for the 31-year-old scheme created to recognise contemporary work by artists under 50.

The £25,000 purse was for the overhauling of ten houses by the group, Assemble, who are all in their mid-20s, in the run-down dockside area, described by judge Alistair Hudson as "part of a long tradition of art working in society".

But the award, announced last night in Glasgow, is controversial, begging the question "what is art?". Speaking on Channel 4 TV broadcaster Muriel Gray said: "I think it's changed the nature of the Turner Prize because I don't think it is modern art. I think it's socially responsible beautiful architecture. But it's a very peculiar year".

Also short-listed for the award this year were the installation artists Bonnie Camplin; opera composer Janice Kerbel; and Nicole Wermers, another installation artist.

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