EU plans massive culture budget boost

Commission asks for 27% uplift

The European Commission is proposing a major increase in the EU culture budget for the next six-year funding round.

The Commission’s proposals will take support for creative and cultural projects up to €1.9bn, a 27% increase on the current budget.

The suggested budget will see culture getting €650m and the media sub-programme, which includes film, €1.2bn.

The Commission’s draft budget is part of an overall 1.1% increase in the EU’s total budget, which will have to be ratified by the European Council, which consists of the 27 elected heads of government, and the European Parliament.

Last month, European Parliament leader Antonio Tajani backed a call by 70 European cultural organisations for an increased budget for culture.

“Culture, more than our economy, is the glue which holds Europe together and must be the starting point of our efforts to revitalise our Union,” Tajani said.

It’s not clear whether the UK will benefit from any increase in the EU culture budget. Current EU funding for UK projects is guaranteed until 2020. After that, future participation will depend on any agreement made with the remaining EU members.

Despite the Brexit vote, the UK’s share of Creative Europe funding grew increasing by 30% in the year immediately following the referendum. 35 creative, cultural and heritage organisations were awarded a combined €3.2m in funding from 2016-17.





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