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Kampfner stands down from Fed

John Kampfner has stood down as chief executive of the Creative Industries’ Federation, which he founded four years ago with Sir John Sorrell.

He has been replaced by the former CEO of the Southbank Centre, Alan Bishop.


Alan Bishop

“More than four years after I helped to establish the Creative Industries Federation, it is time for the organisation to have a new leader” Kampfner said. “I am proud that this amazing sector now has a representative body that has given it a political heft and cohesion never achieved before.

“I am pleased that the board has asked Alan Bishop to succeed me. Alan has just the right skills to lead the federation into the next phase.”

The Fed, as it has become known, was founded in 2014 as a membership-based movement to bring together the advocacy, support and campaigning work of individuals, companies and trade bodies within the creative industries sector, providing a collective voice, and to position the sector at the forefront of the government-led Industrial Strategy formulation.

Kampfner will be seen to have succeeded in that, with business secretary Greg Clark giving the sector a prominent place in his future strategy. The Fed has established that the creative industries represents the fastest growing sector in the economy, worth £92bn a year.

Alan Bishop, who retired from the Southbank last year, formerly ran the Central Office of Information and was chairman of Saatchi and Saatchi, has been recruited to usher in a new phase of development for the Fed.

His three goals will be to develop the Fed’s advocacy, to properly reflect the needs and priorities of its members and to develop the organisation’s skills to meet the demands of the industry’s agenda, emphasising the development of creative careers and the continuing need to help shape Brexit to the best interests of the sector.

Bishop will renew his working relationship with the Fed’s chairman, Rick Hayhthornthwaite, who is a former chairman of the Southbank Centre.

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