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Brum museum in three year closure plan

Major revamp will see new museum centre in Yardley

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is to close for at least three years as part of a major redevelopment.

The closure starts in October 2019 as part of a revamp affecting the building and the next door council house.

Although the gallery will reopen in 2022, the independent Birmingham Museums Trust plans to open a new museum centre in Yardley, Birmingham from 2021. This will provide public access to thousands of artefacts which are currently in storage, and also house the museum and gallery offices.

The new centre will include homes, retail, green spaces and the new centre.

In a statement the museum said: "The redevelopment of Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery is an ambitious project which will create a museum fit for 21 century Birmingham Working with the people of Birmingham, we will rethink the collection and showcase it in new and exciting ways to tell the city's story".

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