Culture in local government cut by 20% since 2011

New figures show rural areas worst affected

New figures released by the Department of Housing, Communities and Local Government, shows that councils have cut spending on culture by more than 20% in the last 7 years.

The statistics show that authorities across England have allocated a total of £392 million on culture and heritage for 2018/19, compared to £400 million for the previous year.

But that’s down more than £100 million since 2011/12, when the total was £501 million. The cuts have affected county and district councils, as well as metropolitan authorities such as city councils and London boroughs.

Rural counties like Cambridgeshire, Somerset and Lancashire, appear to be the worst affected, though. For example, these three counties are spending £26.3 million to culture and heritage this year but that compares to a budget of almost £74 million in 2010/11,

Earlier this year, the nationwide organisation representing the local authority sector had to close after 35 years as its local authority membership fell. 

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