£10.8m ACE building awards

Arts Council England is handing out 39 grants worth £10.8 million to help arts organisations improve buildings and equipment.

The cash windfall comes in the latest round of ACE’s small capital programme.

Among the recipients of these latest awards are: Aspex in Portsmouth which will develop a flexible learning space and mobile participation studio as well as upgrading its digital capabilities; Rural Media Company in Hereford to develop a broadcast standard digital arts hub for the West Midlands;  Highlights Rural Touring Network to share specialist equipment and resources, such as live streaming facilities; Free Word in London for a major refurbishment of its building; and Dance East in Ipswich which will improve its facilities to for the Jerwood Dance House .

The small capital grants range from £100,000 up to £500,000 and a further application round of small grants is expected in 2016/17.

The £10.8 million is split between each of the Arts Council’s five areas as follows:
North: £2,835,498
Midlands: £1,917,787
London: £2,357,801
South East: £2,306,657
South West: £1,409,700

Northern Broadsides has been granted £251,000 towards its work to develop facilities for both performers and audiences at their home base of The Viaduct Theatre within Halifax’s Dean Clough complex. Artistic Director Barrie Rutter said: “The Viaduct Theatre at the Dean Clough in Halifax is a space with its own, powerful “wow” factor! Performers and Audiences will share great benefits from the improvements and the wow will be increased. “


Northern Broadsides £251,000
More Music £169,711
Kala Sangam £267,136
Highlights Rural Touring Network £113,034
Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust £249,619
Middlesbrough Council £499,999
Craven District Council £250,000
Cumbria Theatre Trust £100,000
Walk the Plank £499,999
Unity Theatre Company £435,000

Northampton Theatres Trust Ltd £100,000
Ludlow Assembly Rooms (known as) £350,000
Derby Theatre £484,894
Central Youth Theatre £384,000
Leicester Theatre Trust Limited £491,952
Rural Media Company £106,941

Free Word £110,000
Emergency Exit Arts £243,679
CM Ltd £133,315
Theatre Peckham £351,980
Blackheath Halls £499,999
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan £103,500
The Poetry Society £182,000
Artsadmin £125,000
Almeida Theatre Company Ltd £336,328
Autograph ABP £272,000

South East
Pallant House Gallery £191,336
Towner Trust £450,000
Corn Exchange (Newbury) Trust £165,000
South Street Arts Centre £499,999
DanceEast £390,456
National Skills Academy £250,000
New Wolsey Theatre £359,866

South West
Knowle West Media Centre £153,000
Aspex Visual Arts Trust £158,504
Travaux Sauvages Limited trading as Wildworks £100,000
Bridport Arts Centre £344,200
Spike Island Art Space Ltd £499,976
Nuffield Theatre £154,020

Total £10,827,443


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