Digbeth - 'artistic powerhouse'

Digbeth, Birmingham’s creative quarter, “all the potential to be the UK’s top creative hub”.

So say the sponsors of tomorrow’s one day showcase festival, High Viz, in Digbeth, Stephen Howes and Ian McLeod, of the art-tech agency Thomas Crown Art.

High Viz encompasses street art, live illustration, breakdance, live music and even skateboarding with local talent taking over The Custard Factory arts centre and surrounding streets.

“Digbeth and the surrounding area is at the epicentre of a new and exciting arts scene?” Howes says. “While this former industrial district may be relatively small in size, it’s punching way above its weight artistically. It’s now brimming with award-winning creative people, businesses and organisations.

“It’s a powerhouse, and such is its impact, I believe, it will consolidate in the next two to three years and create a legacy that will extend to the whole city.”

McLeod added: “We decided to support this unique and dynamic event as we champion art that starts conversations and revolutions, that shifts perceptions and mindsets, and that disturbs convention - and which is wholly unapologetic in doing so.”


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