ACE/HLF firm up museums support

Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery have signed a new, reinforced memorandum of understanding (MoU) to improve support for museums in England.

The new agreement, signed by (left to right) ACE’s chair Sir Nicholas Serota, with arts minister Michael Ellis looking on, and Sir Peter Luff, chair of HLF.

The new MoU follows the Mendoza Review which called for more co-operation between ACE, HLF and DCMS to help museums face new funding challenges. It is designed to develop a better joint understanding of the right strategic approach for individual museums; to make it easier for museums to work with ACE and HLF; and to share national and local data to inform better decision-making, particularly in making the best efficient use of National Lottery funding.

“Museums are not just an important part of England’s heritage, but they provide precious public services, from education to community engagement” said Luff, and Serota added: “Through their collections and knowledge they open our eyes to the wonders and challenges of the world and can help us find our place in it. I hope that, together, we can help museums meet the challenges they face.”

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