ACE to give 4 year deals

Arts Council England is to give four year grants if proposals for grants after the current funding cycle ends in 2018 are approved.

In a consultation document published today on the sixth year of its ten year strategy ACE also wants to de-complicate the National Portfolio of grants-aided arts organisations to three bands: £40,000 to £250,000, the largest group; £250,000-£1m equating to current NPOs; and more than £1m, organisations expected to take national leadership roles.

“The future we want to see for art and culture is set out in Great Art and Culture for Everyone, our 10-year strategy” said ACE CEO Darren Henley. “Since we launched it we’ve seen many successes, with exciting work and new audiences. We are also facing considerable challenges around funding, reach and relevance. 

“The proposals here address how we invest in the talent and ideas needed to address these challenges.  We must ensure public investment creates more opportunities for everyone to enjoy a rich cultural life. We look forward to working with the sector on these proposals” he said.

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