Creative students on the rise

The numbers of university students studying creative arts and design has grown by 10.5% in the last ten years, according to a new report from the Knowledge Academy.

Although Patterns and Trends in UK Higher Education (Universities UK) shows there were substantially fewer entrants to institutions in 2016-17 than 2007-08 - 1,012,425 compared with 1,068,825 – the numbers going for creative degrees has grown in proportion faster than subjects such as business studies (up 7.3%), though at 333,000 there are more business studies students than any other category, and computer science (5.7%). 

However, historical studies are down over the decade by 11.6% and architecture by almost 19%.

Students training to be teachers have slumped by more than 25%, but the numbers of university teachers in design, creative and performing arts has risen exponentially by 51.5%. 

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