London puts culture on the map

The capital’s cultural infrastructure from pubs to recording studios to libraries is being made on a free interactive online map

The new map, launched today, is part of mayor Sadiq Khan’s Cultural Infrastructure Plan and shows that the boroughs of Hackney and Camden are vying for the most grassroots music venues, Westminster has the most pubs, Tower Hamlets more fashion designers than any other borough and Enfield has the most libraries.

Alongside it is an online toolkit to help local authorities, property developers, businesses and cultural institutions nurture the culture on offer in London. 

 “While we’re all used to seeing big cities plan their future needs when it comes to trains, roads and hospitals, it’s never been the same for culture” said Justine Simons, deputy mayor for culture and the creative industries. “Now thanks to this map, we have a live, fine grained picture of the city’s cultural assets, giving us for the first time a snapshot of the true riches and clusters in the capital.

“From local facilities like arts centres, libraries, community centres and pubs, to LGBT+ venues and musical theatres – these spaces play a vital role in bringing our communities together. That’s why it’s so important that we protect our creative communities and help Londoners access the wide range of culture on their own doorstep. By doing this we will ensure that London remains the thriving, creative and innovative city we all love.”

The map shows that London has:

  • 240 artists’ workspace buildings
  • 71 skate parks
  • 3,530 pubs
  • 52 LGBT+ night-time venues, 94 grassroots music venues and 263 theatres
  • 86 music rehearsal studios, 112 theatre rehearsal studios and 291 dance rehearsal studios
  • 165 museums and galleries, with an additional 317 commercial and private galleries
  • 903 community centres and 345 libraries
  • 19,174 listed buildings but also 660 heritage at risk sites
  • 319 buildings used for jewellery design and manufacturing and 5 large scale media productions studio

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