Tate latest to turn away from Sackler

Tate has announced that it will accept no more gifts from the Sackler family charities, following the National Portrait Gallery’s decision this week to refuse a £1m gift.

Members of the Sackler family, which made its fortune from pharmaceuticals, are facing legal action over the production of an opioid painkiller which has proved addictive with some fatal results.

“The Sackler family has given generously to Tate in the past, as they have to a large number of U.K. arts institutions” Tate said in a statement. "We do not intend to remove references to this historic philanthropy. However, in the present circumstances we do not think it right to seek or accept further donations from the Sacklers.”

In the last 20 years Sackler foundations have been among the most generous donors to cultural as well as religious, educational and health bodies.


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