Scarborough merges cultural organisations

Art gallery links with Woodend. Patrick Kelly reports

The Scarborough Museums Trust, which manages the borough’s art and museum collection and the Creative Industries Centre Trust Limited, which runs the Woodend Creative Centre, will come together next month.

Andrew Clay of the Woodend Trust has been named as the new chief executive of the joint enterprise. He told councillors that in its first year it hoped to return £150,000 of the council’s £500,000 contribution to the museums trust.

Clay said savings had already been made by bringing its marketing and promotion in house. “We want this to be a new beginning,” he said. ”It’s about opening up culture and creativity and making it more accessible. It is about inspiring young people. Scarborough has one of the most diverse creative communities in Yorkshire" he added "and although 50,000 people visited exhibitions or performances run by the trust last year, that was too low”.

He said that by acting as two separate organisations, Woodend and the museums trust, has “hindered” their development but he hoped that would soon be rectified.

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