Science Museum staff strike

Staff at the Science Museum and its branches are to strike today (August 30) after the group failed to improve on a pay rise offer.

The strikers, members of Prospect, claim the 1.5% offer leaves workers on a real terms pay cut of 13% since 2010, below the Lpndon living wage, while senior management pay has grown, with the director’s salary increasing by 5.5% a year.

A Science Museum Group spokesperson said: ‘We firmly expect all our museums to open on the day of the strike and our priority will be to ensure our visitors have an enjoyable day.

"The overall pay settlement represents a 2.7% increase in salary costs which we believe was a reasonable offer, given the challenging overall financial picture. All colleagues received an increase of at least 1.5%, and we offered up to 6.9% for those on the lowest salaries."

As well as the South Kensington main museum, institutions expected to be affected are the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford, Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry, the National Railway Museum in York, the Blythe House storage facility in West London, and the National Collections Centre in Wroughton, Wiltshire. Members had voted by over 70% for strike action.


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