Museum of London staff to strike

Staff at the Museum of London are to follow the example of colleagues at the Science Museum and strike over a below-inflation pay rise.

The museum’s Prospect union members have voted to reject the imposed 1.5%, which the union says represents a 6% real terms cut since 2013, while the salary of director Sharon Ament has increased by 4.7%.

“Our members at the Museum of London have been struggling with below-inflation pay rises for years” said Prospect’s negotiations officer, Sharon Brown. “The turnout and size of the vote in favour of industrial action shows just how strongly our members feel about this. Workers have had a 1.5% pay rise forced on them, but the director saw her pay increase by 5% last year. This discrepancy shows there is money available and makes our members all the more determined to get a fair deal.”

The Museum of London covers two sites at the Barbican and Docklands, and is planning to move to a new location at Spitalfields in Clerkenwell.

Members of Prospect at the Science Museum and its branches went on strike for a day on August 30.

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