Cultural collaboration could transform economies

The potential of cultural destinations is being missed because of a lack of collaboration between museum and tourism professionals, according to a trends report being published today.

The report by Leading Culturel Destinations (LCD), the cultural travel network, is to be presented at an annual conference, this year in Berlin and co-hosted by LCD and visitBerlin, and suggests culture could be transforming economies.

The £350m National Museum of Qatar, Doha, has had over 132,000 visitors since it opened in March this year. It has been devised to lead the sustainable development of Qatar into a world-class hub. Image courtesy of Qatar National Museum

But it shows that museum and tourism professionals are not sharing data, leaving “gaping holes in understanding around the potential of cultural destinations as a key economic driver” and a “plethora of missed opportunities that a more collaborative attitude from both industries could bring”.

It shows that 67% of tourism profession also believe that cultural organisations and tourism boards need to work together while 30% of museum professionals think their organisations are unlikely to collaborate with tourism brands and 42% of them say tourism marketing is not considered a priority. More, 80% of arts and culture organisations do not have dedicated tourism strategy managers, while 74% of museum managers believe a stronger focus on tourism could dumb down content and undermine the educational purpose of their institutions.

“Our research proves that there is huge potential for serious economic impact as and when tourism and culture finally agree to work together more closely and is backed up by statistics from the likes of UNWTO (The World Tourism Organization) which forecasts a global cultural tourism increase by 15% in the coming years” says Florian Wupperfeld, LCD’s chief executive. “Tourism is the new oil, in terms of economic value for cities and, as with, oil it’s the responsibility of those in the sector to minimise any negative environmental impact; that topic will be closely interrogated during our discussions”.

However, some museum developments are leading tourism strategies. The stated mission of the £135m National Museum of Doha which opened earlier this year, for instance, is “To plan, regulate, develop and promote sustainable tourism in Qatar with the aim of driving economic growth and social development”.

Leading Culture Destinations

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