CIF and Creative England merge

Creative Industries Federation (CIF) CEO Alan Bishop is to stand down as the CIF unites with Creative England.

Creative England’s founder Caroline Norbury is to become chief executive of the new partnership in December, under the chairmanship of the CIF chair Rick Haythornthwaite, with the new organisation officially launching in April next year.

Pictured, Alan Bishop and Caroline Norbury; credit, Angelica Bomford

Bishop was brought out of retirement in July last year after the departure of former CEO John Kampfner. “As we work together to build this new organisation, we will be listening to the sector to ensure that we are best able to serve the creators, freelancers, enterprises and businesses that comprise our world-leading creative industries” Bishop said, who will stay on at the CIF in a non-executive capacity. “This includes working closely with the many fantastic organisations already doing great work, and ensuring that our own role enabling this ecosystem for growth benefits our collaborators across all parts of the creative industries throughout the UK”.

The CIF was founded by Kampfner and Sir John Sorrell (who stood down in 2017) five years ago as a membership-based movement to complement the advocacy, support and campaigning work of individuals, companies and trade bodies within the creative industries sector, providing a collective voice; and positioning the sector at the forefront of the government-led Industrial Strategy formulation.

When Kampfner left the CIF, Bishop was tasked with staunching the outflow of members, realigning the Fed’s activities with the sector’s needs, emphasising creative careers and with keeping the sector in the Brexit negotiations. Membership of organisations and individuals has been kept stable at around 1,000 and with its lobbying and advocacy activity the CIF has increased its programme delivery through partnerships.

Creative England is a not-for-profit organisation promoting creative industries in England, particularly in support of enterprises across games, film and digital media, with offices in Bristol and Salford.

“Despite the opportunities and potential ahead, our sector suffers from unequal access to the support and resources needed for individuals and organisations to reach their full creative potential” said Norbury. “This imbalance represents lost opportunities for individuals and communities as well as a loss to the national economy. Creative England and the Creative Industries Federation are coming together to ensure growth, inclusion and innovation for the creative industries is supercharged. By harnessing the combined impact of culture, commerce and creativity we can make much more than the sum of those parts.

“We will aim to strengthen the talent pipeline, supporting creative talent at all stages; work at the grassroots level to boost small creative businesses and ensure the right environment exists to enable creative success and inclusive growth right across the UK” she added.


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