Gursky portrait of Apple’s Ive for NPG

The German photographic artist Andreas Gursky has been commissioned to make a portrait of Apple’s chief designer, Sir Jonathan Ive.

The first portrait the artist has undertaken for a public a institution, the image was taken at the technology company’s new HQ, Apple Park, in California. The commission was supported by Scott Collins in partnership with the Outset Contemporary Art Fund.

Sir Jonathan Ive, said: "I have been obsessed with Andreas’ work for a couple of decades and vividly remember the thrill of first meeting seven years ago” said Ive who is also Chancellor of the Royal College of Art. “His very particular and objective presentation of what he sees, whether voluminous landscapes or the rhythm and repetition of supermarket shelving is both beautiful and provocative.  Mindful that he rarely makes portraits, this is a conspicuous and particular honour for me."

And Gursky added: "It was fascinating to take photographs in the new Apple HQ, a place that plays such a historically crucial role in our present and future. And above all, it was inspiring to work with Jonathan Ive within this setting. It was he who found the form for the technological revolution that was initiated by Apple, and his aesthetic has left a mark on an entire generation. I admire his immense visionary power and have tried to express this energy in my portrait."

The portrait went on display in the NPG today.

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