Budget: Museum tours' tax breaks

There will be tax breaks to encourage museums and galleries to tour exhibitions, Chancellor George Osborne announced in the spring budget, coming into effect in April 2017.

But there will be further hardship for local arts and culture with more cuts to local authorities' budgets, with rate relief for small businesses meaning £7bn less for councils which is likely to be passed on to arts organisations.

There are one-off grants for cultural venues, with £2m to refurbish Truro's Hall for Cornwall, £13m for Hull to prepare for its year as City of Culture in 2017, £5m towards the £19 new Shakespeare theatre at Knowsley on Merseyside, and £14m for the STEAMhouse in Birmingham. There is also an extra £20m to repair our cathedrals.

While welcoming the support for museums and galleries, John Kampfner, CEO of the Creative Industries Federation, said: "We are extremely concerned that local authorities wiul be hit by another major cut to their budgets when local arts provision is already under pressure".


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