Lower threshold proposed for creative migrants

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has proposed a reduction to the salary threshold for artists and creative people in its Home Office commissioned immigration review.

Instead of the government’s intended threshold of salaries of £30,000, MAC has recommended that those in creative roles such as festival producers income requirement should start at £24,000 and for artists like company dancers at £21,000, because high skill levels in the creative industries do not necessarily mean high income 

But the Creative Industries Federation (CIF) said today that the differential is not clear enough and unrealistic.

"It is good to see continued recognition of creative skills alongside STEM as a ‘priority area’ for exceptional talent” said Caroline Julian, the CIF’s director of policy but we urge that equal priority is also applied across the UK’s skilled and temporary routes”.

She said that given the nature of the sector - the high volume of freelancers, micro businesses, and performance and project-based work - it is vital that any points-based system is both shaped by and tailored to the creative industries, in all parts of the UK, rather than taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach. “We call on government to engage closely with industry as it evolves the new system” she said.


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