English Heritage apology over ‘dismissive’ games advertising

English Heritage has apologised after the games industry criticised an advertising campaign which they claimed “dismissed the huge heritage aspect to games”.

In an advertising leaflet, English Heritage had shown an image of a sword piercing a DualShock games controller with the slogan: “Isn’t it time to make their virtual world history?”

Games developers pointed out that many gamers loved antiquated weaponry and castles heritage played a part in the research and development of many games. One of the major reponses came from the National Videogames Museum based in Sheffield, which said, “Games like Total War, Age of Empires and Assassin's Creed are fantastic at teaching young people about history! Let's work together”.

English Heritage responded: “We’re sorry for missing the mark on this one. This was intended to be a tongue-in-cheek take on a debate among parents, who this leaflet is aimed at. We certainly didn’t intend to dismiss the value of digital culture but appreciate it may have come across differently. 

“We recognise the power of digital and video gaming. Our partnership with Google Arts and Culture, our Minecraft workshops and the recent VR reconstruction of St Augustine’s Abbey are just some of the ways we champion the gaming industry”,

The spokesman added that it would take up the National Videogames Museum offer of working together.


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