Warning on Ireland’s modern artworks

Gallery says storage facility ‘a risk’

The Irish Museum of Modern Art (Imma) fears storage facilities for modern art is putting precious artwork at risk.

Imma says the offsite warehouse, which holds the national collection of more than 3,500 pieces of modern and contemporary art built up since 1990, is “significantly below international museum standards” and was placing artworks at risk of flooding and fire damage.

In a letter last March to the Irish Department of Culture and the Office of Public Works (OPW) the gallery said the off-site storage site was not set up to prevent the spread of a fire, and had no automated fire extinguishing system or smoke extraction system. The letter said the warehouse could cause “serious reputational damage” if artworks suffered any harm.

The letter, seen by The Irish Times, warned “the current storage facilities fall significantly below international museum standards”.

The collection was valued at €35 million but “the true value is a multiple of this amount”, the letter said.



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