London showcase for regional theatre

Plays and performances from theatre companies around the country are to be given a London showcase with A Nation’s Theatre Festival through April and May.


Coming from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and all regions of England, 350 actors and performers from villages, towns and cities will be hosted by 17 London venues in the scheme launched by the Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) in partnership with The Guardian newspaper.

Launched at the Southbank Centre today, A Nation’s Theatre was born out of a realisation that while plays were being streamed from London to the regions, very little was travelling in the other direction, said David Jubb, artistic director of the BAC. “We want to celebrate the varied theatre practice that is happening across the for nations of the UK” he said. “There’s been a lot of talk about theatre being live-streamed out of London to the rest of the UK. As a group of theatres and artists we thought it would be fun to reverse the stream: to encourage more partnerships between those based in London and those around the UK, as well as shine a light on there this already happens.”

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