Hull to get naked

The artist Spencer Tunick is calling on hundreds of residents of Hull to strip off for his next crowd installation.


The artists has been commissioned by the Ferens Art Gallery in the city to create a new work, Sea of Hull, to be presented next year during Hull’s year as City of Culture in 2017. (

 Over 20 years New York based Tunick has made over 90 installations of crowds of naked people in public places, including Sydney Opera House and the Southbank in London. His latest piece will be posed on July 9 this year, and the volunteer participants will be painted to evoke the North Sea.

 “I'm very interested in the history of the city and its place as a seafaring centre and its relationship to a rich maritime past” he said. 
 “It intrigues me that in some places where there are major streets or parks today, previously there was water. To reflect this I’ll be using body paint so that the massed people create the idea of a sea of humanity flooding the urban landscape." 

 Kirsten Simister, curator at Ferens Art Gallery, said: “This is more than a commission. It’s an opportunity to involve people directly in an amazing live, performance that will temporarily transform the city. His new body of work will form part of an exhibition in 2017 and will also be purchased for the permanent collection.”

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