Northern Ireland employers urged to buy ‘lockdown’ arts

Scheme aims to support artists with saleable content.

Arts & Business NI is asking employers in Northern Ireland to back local artists by providing arts activities to employees and their families during the lockdown.

The organisation has launched a £15,000 suite of arts-based products, created by local arts professionals and cultural organisations. They include sensory adventures for inclusive audiences, an essay competition, and a comedy academy. The idea is that companies buy the works to send on to their employees.

Mary Nagele, Arts & Business NI Chief Executive said, “Promotion of well-being and provision of support to staff and their families is a key priority for the local business community, as we adapt to the long term impacts of COVID-19 and lockdown. Arts & Business NI are aware of the challenges many are facing, balancing remote working with home schooling of children; with this in mind we designated a proportion of our Investment Programme to fund local arts professionals in developing bespoke products to support and entertain staff and their families, at a time when creative entertainment can provide much needed distraction.”

The programme also supports local artists, who are currently working hard to sustain their income, whilst theatre’s and gallerys remain closed, she added. “The Arts will have a crucial role to play beyond COVID-19, as many will turn to the diversion, release and healing power of creativity, to get back to life as normal.”



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