Irish arts needs massive injection of cash support

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Call for post crisis investment programme

The Irish arts and arts and culture sector has called for a massive injection of support for the arts to get it through the next year.

Thee National Campaign for the Arts says its 13-point survival and recovery plan will combat losses of €10 million in the industry since the Covid 19 crisis began.

The group wants an extra €20 million invetsment in the Arts Council this year and the extension of the current unemployment payment to all freelance artists and arts workers until arts and cultural events can resume..

The plan calls for a full minister for culture post and for the Government to commit a slice of EU structural funding to arts and culture, a new capital investment scheme and other tax incentives, cancellation of rates for buildings used for mass gatherings, a partial refund of public-liability and employer’s-liability insurance, and a commitment to protect and sustain venues run by local authorities.

The Irish NCA said, “A failure to invest equitably in the arts at this crucial juncture in recovery planning will seal the decimation of an industry that asks little and offers much. There will be an irretrievable loss of wisdom and skills, and any recovery will be a journey that many, if not most, in the sector will be unable to undertake or sustain. If we allow the arts to be left behind as we move to rebuild Ireland, attempts to restimulate the arts and culture sector down the line will be unachievable; there will be far too little left for any meaningful revival of the ecosystem that salves, sustains and sells our country.”

Earlier this month the Irish Arts Council set up an advisory group to combat the fallout of the coronavirus crisis for the arts.


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