Looking for arts’ new future

A joint research project into how the arts will emerge from the Covid-19 crisis has been launched by DCMS and the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

The project, part of the AHRC’s Boundless Creativity programme, will look at the effects of the virus across the cultural and creative sectors; advise on restoring public confidence in venues; explore the impact of new technology-enabled platforms; recommend on how the arts  can maximise new digital technologies in engaging and diversifying audiences; and give insights into how the cultural  sector might have to innovate in both  content and business models in order to recover and build resilience.

An advisory panel is to be appointed at the end of this month, jointly chaired by Neil Mendoza, the Commissioner for Cultural Recovery and Renewal, and Professor Andrew Thompson, executive chair of the AHRC. It is expected to report in a year’s time.

The image here is from the RSC’s online presentation Dream 2020 created with technology partners Epic Games and Intel.

“Culture and creativity are powerful forces that together help to shape our rich shared national heritage” said Thompson. “Both are increasingly entwined with the digital technological revolution of our times.

“Boundless Creativity is designed to explore the interactions between the cultural and the digital, and between the physical and the online. It is vital we do all we can to bring the resulting insights to bear on the recovery of our arts, cultural and creative sectors. This joint research project will put the expertise of arts and humanities researchers at the heart of Whitehall, forging a strong knowledge partnership between the AHRC and DCMS.”

Mendoza added: “Our culture holds us together. From heritage sites to immersive theatre culture in all its forms is a vital part of people’s lives up and down the country”.


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