Fiona Banner delivers protest sculpture to DEFRA

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The artist Fiona Banner has today delivered a 1.25-ton sculpture to the government in protest against lax care for our oceans and their fish.

With Greenpeace activists she deposited the piece, Klang, at the Westminster doors of the Department Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the ministry responsible for the care of our seas. It is one of three pieces made from granite taken from the North Sea in her Full Stop series, two of which are today being installed by Greenpeace at sea on the Dogger Bank protection area.

“The pandemic has made us more alert to the precariousness of nature:” Banner said. “At a time when words like ‘crisis’ and ‘emergency’ have been repeated to the point of diluting their urgency, this work is a message - a call to stop, reconsider and act. Working with this extraordinary stone, densely formed by natural forces, it became clear how it resists human intervention. Like human versus nature, the stone is only half tamed and half formed into Full Stop shapesIt retains part of its natural form, redolent of eons of bouldering around on the planet. Nature is strong but fragile, it cannot bend to our will ad infinitum.”

She and Greenpeace said they will remove the sculptures - both in the Dogger Bank and at DEFRA - if the government commits to banning industrial fishing from the Dogger Bank and all of the UK’s offshore protected areas. 


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