ARTCRY – artists’ survival fund launched

A new fund for artists to allow them to make urgent creative responses to events has been launched by a group of arts leaders.

ARTCRY, which is now live at, has been created with a series of fundraising appeals and aims to distribute £50,000 in its first year of operation with grants of up to £5,000 each.

“Art can offer a glimpse into a story far beyond our own lived experience which can change perspectives. I think we need this now”: said Kathryn Bilyard, executive producer of Improbable and director of ARTCRY. “The fastest rolling fund has a turnaround of six weeks - we need to find a new way of supporting responsive work.

“In the wake of Covid fundraising will be even more difficult and competitive than it was before. Freelance artists and small companies in particular are in critical need of funding to support making new work. We need artists who can shine a light and startle some sense into the world with radical, inspiring ideas. And we need to encourage and support each other to do it.”

Yesterday marked the launch of as month-long fundraising campaign ( ) and the fund will be open to applicants in November, and the month will be marked by a series of online events, interviews and conversations with the likes of Akram Khan, Jude Kelly and James Graham.

The main picture is a new work for ARTCRY by Ferg Cooper, a large collage which is being turned into a flyposting campaign across London. “I am responding to ideas around the bombardment of visual information our brains are asked to deal with, and the pressure we put on ourselves to stay informed (particularly in relation to the 2020 news cycle)”  he said.


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