90-year-old novice potter gets first show

Colin Anderson, who threw his first pot on his own wheel on his 90th birthday in January, is to have his work shown in an online exhibition.

“There are few things more absorbing than creating something with your own two hands and it has been a joy to have spent much of this turbulent year working away at the potter’s wheel” said Anderson, who set up his wheel as a birthday present to himself in the garage of his home in Poundbury, Dorset. “With clay, you start with a cold lump of damp earth, feel it become alive under your hand, coax it into a shape, and if you are really lucky you may end up with a thing of joy and beauty that will last longer than you do. It’s all about luck, and I’m by far the luckiest man I know.”

His work is to be included in The Artisans’ Bazaar at Sculpture by the Lakes https://www.sculpturebythelakes.co.uk/shop/, one of 80 artists and makers showing over Christmas – he will be showing as “The Poundbury Potter”.

After retiring as wine merchant, Anderson followed creative pursuits – he has painted and sketched all his life, and drew records of his travels to the world’s vineyards. A year ago he went to evening classes to try potting.

“I’m not very much interested in abstract or contemporary pottery” he said. “I like to create things which are beautiful and practical; kitchenware like mugs, jugs, vases – things that people can make use of. I only started selling pieces after we ran out of room to store them; and my first customers back in June were a friend and her daughter, both interior designers.”

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