Brighton’s cultural sector conjures recovery plan

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The creative community of Brighton and Hove has launched a recovery programme to kick start the city’s post-pandemic recovery.

Endorsed by the city council the scheme has been set up voluntarily by a group of organisations and individuals in the arts and events sector to ensure job retention, offer training and support for creative entrepreneurship, and thereby revive tourism through the arts.

Led by a governing body made up from the Arts & Creative Industries Commission Brighton & Hove, the Brighton Festival, the city council, Event Professionals Independent Committee and What Next? Brighton with the watchword ABCD (arts and ambition, business, communities and collaboration, and digital and delivery) as report has been reproduced outlining the programme.

The report shows that there are more than 16,000 working in creative businesses in the city, there are more than 6,100 creative companies and the performing arts in Brighton are worth £329m in turnover a year. And it is reckoned that Brighton’s cultural economy as a whole has lost at least £450m in the last year.

The report says that the impact of Covid-19 on the creative industries has been profound, with the sector experiencing by far the greatest loss as % of GVA nationally is arts and entertainment which could be as much as 42%. Before the intervention of the government’s Culture Recovery Fund over 50% of jobs in the cultural and creative sectors in the Greater Brighton region were expected to be lost.

“One of the positive outcomes of the pandemic has been the collaboration across the city’s creative sector and the willingness to work collectively to protect the city’s thriving cultural scene” said a statement from the governing body. “We now need to move to the next phase, to recruit a team and working group members who can attract investment and expertise in order to achieve the plan’s objectives - ensuring skilled workers and jobs are retained; offer training and support for creative entrepreneurship to grow; reviving tourism through culture and advocating the positive effects the arts have on the health and well-being of residents.”

Five working groups are being set up to get local business support for artists and arts projects, to employ artists to brighten the city up and boost the retail economy, o support a local event infrastructure, to explore the possibility of an income guarantee system to encourage artist toi stay in the area, and review options for creative space in Brighton and Hove.

For those wishing to join one of the group there are more details here, there is an online form, the deadline to apply is 9am on March 10 and an online form can be found  here.

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