Oxford Street’s post-lockdown 33m bulb light touch

The artist Anthony James has marked non-essential shops reopening with a lightshow illuminated “the nation’s high street”, Oxford Street in London's West End.

Constellations is his new public artwork, with 36 digital canvases using more than 33m LED lightbulbs (credit Anthony James, W1 Curates and Opera Gallery, photo courtesy of Guy Bell). It will stay until April 26.

Constellations comprises multiple works made during the last year and a half that have not been able to be displayed publicly” James said. “When you stand before a single sculpture you can get deeply lost inside the vast visual demonstration of infinity which alludes to divinity and the cosmos. For viewers to walk among the artworks and to see them displayed around, against, beside — in conversation with one another — it reminds me of bright stars creating constellations.”.

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