Music by bike power for Festival Hall

The Royal Festival Hall is to have its lighting and sound systems completely powered by bicycle power in an art commission for the London Sinfonietta.

The composer Laura Bowler has created Houses Slide for soprano and ensemble in which 16 bikes provided by Vivid Design Works and Electric Pedals will power the presentation, with a text written by the playwright Cordelia Lynn, directed by Katie Jane Mitchell and the London Sinfonietta conducted by Sian Edwards. It will be performed at the hall on July 9.

“The climate crisis is the most urgent matter for the artistic community to address right now” said Laura Bowler (above). “The more ways we find to communicate the problem, the more likely people will become active in demanding governmental action and in turn global action. Houses Slide delves into the complexities at the heart of the climate crisis; climate psychology and climate grief. How can we change our minds and the minds of others? How can we effect change?”



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